Rule FAQs

We recommend this as a first board in Catan: Oil Springs

This section provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions and some additional guidelines for handling some situations that can arise during play.

  • A Year of Plenty can be used to take oil from the bank.
  • If you use a Monopoly card to monopolize oil, you still cannot pass the limit for oil in your supply (if you’re using hand limits in the game). To determine whose oil you take (when not all oil can be taken), collect one from each player, starting with the next player to play and going clockwise around the board until your limit is reached.
  • You may not place the robber on a destroyed hex.
  • Oil Springs replace the terrain they cover. So pastures with oil springs do not produce wool and forests do not produce lumber.
  • If you are playing with starting game rules, you can only use oil or sequester oil (maximum one) during your turn.  However, with wide open game rules, you can use oil and sequester one oil if you have enough. (Note: wide open games may be more volatile than starting rules games.)
  • All metropolises are available to all players. One player can build multiple metropolises, but once all four have been built in a 3-4 player game (six in a 5-6 player game), the pool is exhausted and no more metropolises can be built.