Rules & Download

Building Costs for Using Oil (Or You Can Sequester Oil Instead)

Download the rules and components for Catan: Oil Springs here.

To ensure your components last through many exciting games, you may want to glue the pieces to a sheet of cardboard or print them out on thick paper. You can affix the “sequestered oil” images to the back of the oil tokens with tape or glue. Have fun!
Or, do you want to buy a cardboard copy of the pieces and glossy rules sheet? Click here to purchase one for $5 from Mayfair Games.

For Frequently Asked Rule Clarifications, click here.

For a video introduction to Catan: Oil Springs check out The Dice Tower’s review:

One important note: the Disaster Track marker (the little oil symbol) is used on the numbers 0-5 in the bottom left corner of the Disaster Track (not as shown in the video). The large spaces are for putting the number tokens of destroyed hexes. And if all spots are filled, the game ends!


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And Below is a video of how to play: